Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation offers a November Pay-Per-View (PPV) called All or Nothing. It has a mega event called the All or Nothing War. It is a 4 men and 1 woman vs. another 4 men and 1 woman team elimination match with Intergender rules. The remaining people on the each team get title chances for whatever championship they want. It started as a way for Ray LaPointe and Shock & Awe to end their year long fued.

This was the 2011 banner as the fued between Mr. B and Scorpion progressed.

November 2002-2006[]

ECWF never had a November PPV. So there is no history for 2002 through 2006.


Matches Notes
R-Dawg vs. Domino Jackson Match ended in a No Contest
Baby defeated Lola Heart, Dope Girl, Nikki, and Princess Divas Battle Royal
Street Fighter defeated Dirty Dogg, Eric Jones, Johnny Shocker Intercontinental Championship
Lucy Williams defeated Ashley Lunatic and Candy Divas Championship
The Dark Carnival (2 Dope & Psycho) defeated Grave Master & Vengeance, Enforcer & Johnny Hailstorm, The Original & John Hardy, and Dark Society (Mr. B & Jeff Williams) World Tag Team Championships
Adam Cage, The Giver, & Sinister Fiend defeated Rockin' Lunatic, T-Dawg, K-Dawg, Jermaine Lawrence 3 vs. 4 Tag Team Match
Team Shock & Awe (Marcus Cage, Dynamite, Raptor, Scorpion, & Larry Fields) defeated Team LaPointe (Ray LaPointe, Tommy Zeller, ShowTyme, Raphael, & Bill Ryder) 1st All or Nothing War
Steve Relic defeated Steven Cage


Matches Notes
Lucy Williams & Dangerous Deanna defeated Amber Leihann & Ashlee Cyrus Divas Tag Team Match
Christy Davis defeated Candice
Chris Cage won a Battle Royal Over the top rope elimination Battle Royal
The Original won a Battle Royal Over the top rope elimination Battle Royal
Brooke Michelle defeated Princess Divas Championship
Demon defeated James Ryder Hardcore Championship
Lee Poison defeated Click Knock Out Championship
Rock N' Roll Jesus & Bret Gibson defeated Dark Society (Mr. B & Jeff Williams)
Team KMK (Triple X & Squirel) defeated JaKe Hunter & Mike Lynch Global Tag Team Championships
Team New Movement (Rockin' Lunatic, Raphael, Hannah Walters, MT Dew, & Ray LaPoint) defeated Team Untouchables (Kore, Azrael, Tarja Kingston, Shiv & Solofa Anoa'i) 2008 All or Nothing War
Freddy Funk defeated David Gunn World Heavyweight Championship


Matches Notes
Team Stark (Preston Carter Stark, Natalie Shay, Samantha Brooks, Hannah Walters, Corey Stevens, Brandon Bash, & Ray LaPointe) defeated 187 (2 Dope, Psycho, Rockin' Lunatic, Brian Blades, Steve Relic, & Emma Bolt) 2009 All or Nothing War


This was when ECWF purchased AHW and ran it as it's own brand.

Matches Notes
Dangerous Deanna defeated Allison Kerouac, Amazon, Layla De'Mon Pre-Show Opener Divas Fatal Four-Way Match
Jeff Williams defeated Trent Bradley, Black Solar, Eric James, and Randy Fields Over the top rope elimination Battle Royal
Karolina Graf defeated Cameron Michaels AHW Divas Championships
The Underground Alliance (Joey Cranston & Riley Moore) defeated The Helms Dynasty (Chris Helms & Jake Helms) Global Tag Team Championships
The New Movement (Rockin' Lunaticm Alina Bullard, 2 Dope, The Bigstuff, & Chris Styles) defeated Team Hell (Hellbender, Jasper Freebird, Mike Flynn, Scotty Painte, & Vamppie) AHW All or Nothing War
Team Walters (Hannah Walters, Samantha Brooks, Myles Lucas, Click, & Eric James) defeated nWo (Amber Indigo, Red Dragon, Ray LaPointe, Killer, & Ace Jones) 2010 All or Nothing War
Click defeated Jamie Hayden AHW United States Hardcore Championship
Demon defeated Lee Poison World Heavyweight Championship


Matches Notes
Dustin Holt defeated Stytch
Dark Society (Lucy Williams & Beth Payne) defeated Harlow Michaels & Amber Starr, and Wilma Banks & Courtney Atkins Divas Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Rockin' Lunatic defeated Grungie RL retained his Legend Status
Brandon Bash vs. Randy Rain Ended in a No-Contest
Team Scorpion (Scorpion, Destinty Hunter-Michaels, Sah'ta Thor, David GS, & Mystery Man) defeated Team Dark Society (Mr. B, Jeff Williams, Dangerous Deanna, Silver Electro, & Chris Matthews) 2011 All or Nothing War
Eric Darkthrone defeated Jeff Williams World Heavyweight Championship


"Bridgestone Arena" in Nashville, Tennesse onNovember 18, 2018

Matches Notes
Samantha Tolson defeated Dick Devereaux For the Horror-Core Championship in a taped match over in Japan
The Dark Society (Mr. B & Jeff Williams) defeated Team Pretty (Ricky Stanton & Terry Gaines) to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Team Dragon (Eric Donavan, Dean Matthews, Jessica Sears, Eavan Maloney, & Reggie T. Rascals) defeated Team Enforcer (Enforcer, Vin Halsted, Hannibal Hamilton, Big Randino, & Ray LaPointe) 2018 All or Nothing War


This event is happening in Miami, Florida on November 29th.

Matches Notes
The UnKnown Fear Leader defeated Poseidon
Claire Hawkins defeated April Dimter(c) Women's World Championship match
Evan Moore(c) defeated Dark Tiger and Victoria Scott Intergender Triple Threat match for the Nex*Gen Championship
Johnny Vegas(c) defeated Dan Anderson, Mike Dimter, and Marco Rossi 4 Man Elimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Dream, Marco Rossi, Dan Anderson, & Rebel Manson defeated Alina Bullard, Syko, Victoira Scott & Chance Davis 2020 All or Nothing War with Daniel Dream being the sole survivor of his team
Eric Donavan & Lyra LeVeux-Donavan defeated Jay Reynolds & Ken Hazzard(c) Intergender Tag Team match for the World Tag Team Championships