The Chamber of Horrors!!

This is Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation's answer to the Elimination Chamber. 6 men are in this match. 4 men are locked in a pod and 2 men fight it out for 2 minutes and at random a person enters. At every 2 minutes a man enters until all 4 men are into the match. You get pin or submit to be eliminated from the match til one man is left.

Rockin Lunatic is the one of the three men to appear in it twice in chambers.

Chamber of Horrors matches[]

StarrCade V: Deep Space 5 (2007)[]

Preston Carter Stark defeated TopHat, Ray LaPointe, K-Dawg, Corey Stevens, & Rockin' Lunatic - vacated Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

  • Preston Carter Stark eliminated Ray LaPointe (final)
  • Preston Carter Stark eliminated TopHat
  • TopHat eliminated K-Dawg
  • Ray LaPointe eliminated Rockin'Lunatic
  • Rockin' Lunatic eliminated Corey Stevens

StarrCade VII (2010)[]

Rockin' Lunatic defeated Scorpion, Kevin Hunter(c), Mr. B, Eli Sykes, & DeWayne Phillips - World Heavyweight Championship

  • Rockin' Lunatic eliminated Scorpion (final)
  • Rockin' Lunatic eliminated DeWayne Phillips
  • Scorpion eliminated Kevin Hunter
  • Scorpion eliminated Eli Sykes
  • Eli Sykes eliminated Mr. B

Last Day Alive (2011)[]

Eric Darkthrone(c) defeated Alex Braun, Jeff Williams, Scorpion, Randy Rain, & Sah'ta Thor - World Heavyweight Championship

  • Eric Darkthrone eliminated Sah'ta Thor (final)
  • Sah'ta Thor eliminated Alex Braun
  • Alex Braun eliminated Jeff Williams
  • Alex Braun eliminated Scorpion
  • Alex Braun eliminated Randy Rain

UnTaken (2014)[]

Chris Matthews defeated Jason Phoenix, Scott Wilson, Vincent Peterson, Jesse Williams, & Johnny Bellion - winner main event StarrCade XI

  • Chris Matthews eliminated Jason Phoenix (final)
  • Chris Matthews eliminated Scott Wilson
  • Chris Matthews eliminated Vincent Peterson
  • Scott Wilson eliminated Jesse Williams
  • Scott Wilson eliminated Johnny Bellion

Fallout 2015[]

Scotty Paine defeatd Brandon Bash, Kevin Hunter, Hiroyoshi Suzukl, Red Dragon, & Seth Garcia Morgan - vacated World Heavyweight Championship

  • Scotty Paine eliminated Brandon Bash (final)
  • Scotty Paine eliminated Kevin Hunter
  • Kevin Hunter eliminated Hiroyoshi Suzuki
  • Kevin Hunter eliminated Red Dragon
  • Kevin Hunter eliminated Seth Garcia Morgan

Chamber of Horrors (2018)[]

Eric Donanvan(c) defeated The Resurrected One, Hammerstein, Mr. B, Daniel Keegan, & The Giver - World Heavyweight Championship

  • Eric Donavan eliminated The Resurrected One (final)
  • Eric Donavan eliminated Hammerstein
  • Eric Donavan & Hammerstein eliminated The Giver
  • The Resurrected One eliminated Daniel Keegan
  • The Resurrected One eliminated Mr. B