Divas Championship[]

current and only look of the title

This is the Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation's Divas Championship. It was the replace the dead Womens Championship and was reported that ECWF had the title before WWE ever made theirs on smackdown.

"ECWF Legend" Cary Mower won the belt in a 8 diva tournment.

Title Reigns[]

Dangerous Deanna is a 3 time (most held) divas champion

Champions Notes
Cary Mower
Lucy Williams
Lynn Starr
Samanatha Brooks
Hannah Walters
Christina Enigma
Dangerous Deanna
Samantha Brooks(2)
Vacated because Sam quit the company
Haylee James
Haylee took the belt over to AHW
Haylee Bullard
Selene Drake
Ashley Bullard
Ashley was injuried
Taylor Michaels
Kat Rinker
Kat got injuried
Ashton Hunter
Haylee Downings
Karolina Graf Karolina brought the belt back to ECWF when it got more women
Syn Diamond Steele When ECWF and AHW merged to make Extreme Inc!
Extreme Inc!/ECWF closed down
Madison Murdock
She vacated the title when it was reveal that EHWF was trying to steal all the belts to buy ECWF
Allison Knight Won a 5 diva elimination match for the vacated title
Allison vacates the title.
Emily Helms
ECWF Shuts down and retires the title allowing women and men to fight each other