Extreme Summer Wars 2018 banner

Extreme Summer Wars is the newly minted PPV for Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. It will be the Pay-Per-View (PPV) that will feature the War Games match.

War Games match - is a two side-by-side rings wrapped in a big steel cage. A 4 person team versus 4 person team. One person from one team will start out facing one person another team. Then 90 seconds later someone from either team randomly will come out. Once all 8 people are out then a pin fall or a submission can happen. Weapons are available for use.

War Games Tag match - it will start with 2 teams in a two side-by-side rings wrapped in a steel cage. After 120 seconds of fighting the final team will enter and once that happens pin fall or submission can occur.


ECWF is having the event at "American Airlines Arena" in Miami, Florida on June 29, 2018/

Matches Notes
Team Kage (Lynn Starr, Rick Long, Styx, & Marco Rossi) w/Kris Kage defeated Team RNRG (Joanna The Jungle Girl, Arcane, Raphael, & Chaotic) w/Rock N' Roll God War Games match for 50% Control of ECWF; Red Dragon helped and now Kris Kage is 50% Owner / Vice President
Frank Solomon defeated Mr. B
Solomon Cain defeated Tiami Erickson and Rayne Young Rayne Young didn't show so it became a singles match; #1 Contendership for the Nex*Gen Championship
Kevin Hunter defeated Erik Holland(c) and Chris Matthews Triple Threat match for World Heavyweight Championship
The Dragon Clan (Eric Donavan & Lyra LeVeux-Donavan) & Samantha Tolson defeated The Kingdom (The Resurrected One, Evan Morre, & Peter Preston Petrangelo) and The Savage Kingdom(c) (Daniel Keegan, Samuel Steele, & Michael Shaw) War Games Tag match for the World 6-Man Tag Team Championships