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This is Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation's annual PPV right after StarCade! It is meant to be what happens after StarCade. The idea came to RNRG from the awesome video game. The PPV gets whatever year is after it on the name. So it came be Fallout 2011, 2012, and so on.

Fallout 2011[]

Matches Notes
Chris Page defeated Capt Sprinkles Dark Match before the show
Jesse Rinker & Jason Jones defeated 2 Dope & Psycho #1 Contendership for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships
Alina Bullard defeated Haylee Downing, Amber Indigo, Ashley Bullard, Samantha Brooks, Syn Diamond Steele 6 Diva Elimination Battle Royal
Jeff Williams defeated Llyod Bennett Extreme Rules for #1 Contendership for the Extreme Championship
Krayzie vs. Randy Fields vs. John Chellios match ended in a DRAW; Triple Threat #1 Contendership for the Intercontinental Championship
Jake Orton vs. Lee Poison vs. Scorpion vs. Mike Flynn vs. Scotty Paine Mike Flynn & Lee Poison eliminated each other at the same time in the end. So they were declared duel winners; It was a Battle Royal for #1 Contendership for the Unified World Heavyweight Championship
Dangerous Deanna defeated Allison Sickness Womens Championship match
Demon vs. Brodie Lynch Match ended in a No Contest; Extreme Rules for the Extreme Championship
Raven Trueblood defeated Rockin' Lunatic Intercontinental Championship match
Mr. B defeated Eric Darkthrone Unified World Heavyweight Championship match

Fallout 2012[]

Matches Notes
Dangerous Deanna defeated MJ2 & Cassie Meyer
Lucy Williams defeated Samantha Brooks Womens Championship match
Wilmer Patacky defeated Jeff Williams & SMT Triple Threat match for #1 Contendership of World Heavyweight Championship
Brandon Bash defeated Lee Poison World Heavyweight Championship match

Fallout 2015[]

It was held at "The A&T Stadium" in Arlington, Texas on May 31 2015.

Matches Notes
Allison Knight defeated The Byker Bytch, Selene Drake, Joanna Tarzanna, and Victoria Scott 5 Way Elimination for the vacated Divas Championship
Chris Matthews & Everrett Aloni defeated Chris Huter & Kyle O'Brien, Mike Dimter & Cole Anderson, and Mark Saints & Nick Saints Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match for the vacated ECWF Tag Team Championships
Chris Matthews defeated The Original, Lee Poison, and Randy Roberts 4 Man Ladder Match for the vacated Showtime Championship
Scotty Paine defeated Hiroyoshi Suzki, Brandon Bash, SGM, Kevin Hunter, and Red Dragon 6 Man Chamber of Horrors Match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship

Fallout 2018[]

It will take place at the "Joe Luis Arena" in Detroit, Michigan on February 25, 2018.

Matches Notes
Mark Frenzy defeated The Resurrected One Singles match
Lyra Donavan defeated Amber Indigo and Selene Frenzy Triple Threat match for the vacated Women's Championship
William & Matt Frenzy defeated Mr. B & Jeff Williams World Tag Team Championship match
Evan Moore defeated Dean Tyler Nex*Gen Championship match
Eric Donavan defeated Daniel Keegan World Heavyweight Championship match

Fallout 2019[]

It will take place in the "T-Mobil Arena" in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 28, 2019

Matches Notes
The Age of the Fall(c) (Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, & Ken Hazzard) defeated The Sacrament (Alexander Thrace, Cortez Conseuga, & Tadakatsu Sanada) Trios Championships
Ashlynn Taylor Kage vs. Mistress Synn Double Count-Out; #1 Contendership for the Women's Championship
The Dark Society(c) (Mr. B & Jeff Williams) vs. The Kingdom (Mike Dimter & Victoria Scott) World Tag Team Championships match
Ricky Stanton(c) defeated Marco Rossi Nex*Gen Championship match
Nikki Walton defeated April Dimter(c) Women's Championship match
Kevin Hunter(c) defeated James Ceno World Heavyweight Championship match