The Gold Rush Contract briefcase that hangs above the ring.

This is ECWF's Gold Rush Contract. It is a pick your championship match night. Unlike WWE's Money in the Bank, it has to be named the week before hand. So it gives the champion a chance to prepare and gives the owner a chance to promote it. It usually goes hanging in the middle of the ring in a Shock Treatment Match. A Shock Treatment Match is a ladder match with a cage door on one side of the ring with hanging weapons and another cage door that can be electrified. The event always takes place at StarCade. It happened once at Wrestlefest but that was just so we could have another guy his own case. ECWF has never

Past Winners[]

Year Winner Opponents Match Event Cash in
2005 Jason Styles Mr. B, Staton, Marcus Cage, Lasrry Fields, Ray LaPointe Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade III Yes
2006 Deterity Ray LaPointe, Rockin' Lunatic, Kill Switch, Mr. B, and Staton Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade IV No
2007 Ray LaPointe Rockin' Lunatic, K-Dawg, James Champ, Mark Frenzy, and Corey Stevens Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade V: Deep Space 5 Yes
2008 Seth Acid Rockin' Lunatic, Ray LaPointe, Brandon Bash, Corey Stevens, and Mr. B Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade VI Yes
2009 Raphael SGM, Rockin' Lunatic, Marco Armando, Mark Frenzy, and Mr. B Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade VII Yes
2010 Freddy Funk Demon, Ray LaPointe, Rockin' Lunatic, Mr. B, and Adam Cage Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade VIII No
2011 Brodie Lynch Adam Cage, John Chellios, Rockin' Lunatic, Mike Flynn, Mr. B, Jake Orton, and Randy Fields Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade IX No
Killer Rockin' Lunatic, Red Dragon, Storming Raven, Lee Poison, and Eric Cobretti Ladder Match Wrestlefest 2011 Yes
2012 Mr. B Chris Creature, Lucian Frst, Jeff Williams, Shane Billz, and Shaun Michael Twigboy Shock Treatment Ladder Match StarCade X No
2016 Rockin' Lunatic Alex Brau, Red Dragon, and Deilyn Hunter Ladder Match StarCade XI No
2017 Mark Frenzy Arcane, Conargo, Charlie Sadist, and Manik Ladder Match StarrCade XII No
2020 Johnny Vegas Jay Reynolds and Tzu Ladder Match StarrCade XIV Yes
2021 TJ Alexander Rockin' Lunatic, Razor Blade, Kevin Hunter, Marco Rossi, and Evan Rush 6 person Ladder Match StarrCade XV
Megan Frenzy Synn, Latoya Hixx, Lynn Starr, Brittany Gold, and April Dimter

Win Championship[]

Seth Acid (aka SGM) is the only person to ever pick his night and win a title. No one that has picked his night as ever won the World Heavyweight Championship.

In 2020 Johnny Vegas defended his contract from James Ceno and then cashed in his contract and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Mike Dimter