Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation (ECWF) is now showcasing it's Hall of Fame.

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The list is big and every year gets at least 6 more people. Each class gets inducted right before StarCade.

Class of 2002[]

Ring Master

"TGO" Dan Prosser with ECWF World Heavyweight Championship

Names Notes
Angel Lionhart & Murdoc Lionhart Tag Team Wing; Murdoc is the First Ever ECWF Champion
"The Great One" Dan Prosser
Jake Stylez
James Hill First Ever Triple Crown Winner
Jemma Taylor First ever Women to win the World Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Famous First Ever World Tag Team Champion
Key First Ever Womens Champion
Mr. Flytime
Ring Master First Ever World Tag Team Champion
The Bolt First Ever World Heavyweight Champion
WAR First Ever Hardcore Champion

Class of 2003[]

Fat Foley Verison 2.0 & Fat Foley Verizon 3.0

Mark McConnell heading the ring as World Heavyweight Champion

Name Notes
Bo Bo & Braska Lionhart Tag Team Wing; Bo Bo (RIP) & First Ever Extreme King of the Ring Tournment Winner
Danny LeFave His original gimmick was named Romeo
Fat Foley Verison 2.0 & Fat Foley Verison 3.0 Tag Team Wing
Mark McConnell First Ever Wartime Rumble Winner
"The Diabiological One" Mr. B
Nitro First Ever Television Champion

Class of 2004[]

Crow with the World Heavyweight Championship

Names Notes
La Reina

Class of 2005[]

Stanton with International Championship

Names Notes
Jason Styles First Ever Global Champion & Gold Rush Contract Winner
Kid Extreme
Stanton First Ever International Champion
Will Fillberg

Class of 2006[]

Jeff Williams with his one of many titles he held

Name Notes
Jeff Williams First Ever King of Wrestling Champion
Kris Kage
Papa Joe Frist Celebrity Wing
Rock N' Roll God

Ashley Harmon with ECWF Womens Championship

Class of 2007[]

Corey Stevens winning the United States Championship

Name Notes
Ashley Harmon
Bill Ryder First Ever Global Tag Team Champion & First Ever Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
Cary Mower First Ever Divas Champion
Chris Helms
Corey Stevens First Ever Showtime Champion
Dangerous Deanna & Lucy Williams First Female Tag Team entries
Eddie Lopez RIP
K-Dawg & R-Dawg Tag Team Wing
Kill Switch First Ever Scottish Champion
Ray LaPointe First Ever Global Tag Team Champion & First Ever Supercore Champion
Rockin' Lunatic

Class of 2008[]

2 Dope & Psycho in ECWF

Smokey in ECWF

Name Notes
2 Dope & Psycho Tag Team Wing; 2 Dope is the First Ever Impact Champion
Adam Cage First Ever Undisputed Tag Team Champion
JJ Adkins First Ever Extreme Champion
K-OZ Celebrity Wing
Larry Fields
Mr. Showtime First Ever United States Champion
Raptor & Scorpion Tag Team Wing
Richard Smalls First Ever Manager added to the Hall of Fame
Sean James
Smokey Celebrity Wing
Steve Relic

Class of 2009[]

James Champ

Brandon Bash

Names Notes
Ashley Lunatic
Brandon Bash First Ever X-Factor Event Winner
David Gunn
Death, Destroyer, & Pimpiz Stable Wing
Dope Girl
Dynamite & Marcus Cage Tag Team Wing; "Blast from the Past" Wing; First Ever Icons (2010)
Eli Sykes
Freddy Funk, Chris Frenzy & Mark Frenzy Stable Wing; First Ever Stable added to the Hall of Fame
Jake Helms
James Champ
Jerry Mazy & Wilmar Patacky Tag Team Wing
Kevin Hunter
Kimberly Brooks w/Awesome Destroyer First time a Star & Manager got inducted
Lee Poison & Poetic Death w/Jewel Tag Team Wing & Manager Wing; Lee Poison is the First Ever Knock Out Champion; 2011 Icon
Lynn Starr First Ever Knock-Outs Champion
Macro Armando
Panthro & Ms. Candice First time a Couple got inducted; Ms. Candice is Miss ECWF Contest Winner
"King of Reality" Raphael
Seth Garcia Morgan (SGM) First Ever WTF Champion & Undisputed Tag Team Champion
Shane Billz "Blast from the Past" Wing
Triple X & Squirrel Tag Team Wing; Triple X is First Ever Canadian Champion & Platinum Champion
Zach Robinson "Blast from the Past" Wing

Class of 2010[]

Hannah, Brooke, and Samantha looking better than ever

Rush Downings holding the World Heavyweight Championship

Nicholas Malenko when he won the Wartime Rumble

Names Notes
Adam Helms
Big Randino & The Giver First Ever ECWF Tag Team Champions
Brandon Jackson Staff Wing; First Ever Staff inducted
Brooke Michelle, Hannah Walters, & Samantha Brooks First Ever Female Stable inducted; Brooke & Hannah won the first Tag Team Tournment from Hell
Demon & Jesse Rinker Tag Team Wing
Haylee James
Jack Krome
Karolina Graf
Krayzie Death
MT Dew
Nicholas Malenko
Preston Carter Stark
Rick Long
Rock N' Roll Jesus
Rush Downings Staff Wing
The Krypt Keeper, Rebecca Keeper, B-Squared, & Mr. Evil Stable Wing

Class of 2011[]

Amber Indigo The hot ex-wife of Rock N' Roll God

Names Notes
Amber Indigo
Joey Cranston & Enforcer Tag Team Wing
Kiara Rayne
Selene Drake
Sophie Oliveira

Class of 2012[]

"The Dark Prince" Raven Trueblood

Names Notes
Allison Kerouac First Ever Transexual inducted
Eric "The Cobra" Cobretti
Eric Darkthrone First Ever Infernal Crown Champion & Unified World Heavyweight Champion
Mike Shockly "Blast from the Past" Wing
Raven Trueblood
Red Dragon
Scotty Paine & Syn Diamond Steele Couples Wing

Class of 2013[]

"The Big Guy" Kevin Krash

Names Notes
Beth Payne First Ever NXT Winner to be inducted
Chris Matthews
Destiny Michaels
Jason Phoenix & Morgan Alvertez Couples Wing; Morgan won the 15 Diva Wartime Rumble
John Crookshanks
Kevin Krash

Class of 2016[]

Eric Draven RIP

Names Notes
Chance Davis
Eric Draven RIP
Johnny Bellion
Kaleb Steele General Manager that died in office

Class of 2019[]

"The Magnificant Bastard" Arcane

Names Notes
Daniel Keegan
DeWayne Phillips/Davis First Ever Nex*Gen Champion
Eric Donavan & Lyra LeVuex-Donavan Couples Wing
Michael Shaw & Samuel Steele Tag Team Wing
The Resurrected One, Evan Moore, & Chaotic First ever World 6-Man Tag Team Champions

Class of 2020[]

ECWF will announce during Friday Night Revolutions and PPVs until STARRCADE XIV!!

3P the head of the 2020 Class

Names Notes
Nikki Walton Only Female to win the male WarTime Rumble
Peter Preston Petrangelo / 3P

Class of 2021[]

ECWF will announce all the people during Friday Night Revolutions & PPVs up until STARRCADE XV!!

Alina Bullard first inductee to Class of 2021

Names Notes
Alina Bullard
Chance Davis
Sah'ta Thor