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First belt
The new belt! Horror-Core Championship

This is Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation's Hardcore Championship. It was made back in late 2002. WAR was the winner of a 8 man hardcore rules tournment to win the belt. Hardcore Rules / Horror-Core Rules means weapons, pinfall / submissions anywhere.

24/7 Rules

ECWF had a 24/7 rules for the belt. Meaning that the championship matches can happen anywhere. In the arena, airport, or at home. Didn't matter. Special referees were appointed to help figure out winners.

Custom Championships

Eclipz hardcore title

When Eclipz (last known champion) won the Hardcore title he made a new look and

14n14 era

Hardcore Champion Stanton took the belt over to the 14n14 federation and lost the belt. They had at least three different title changes and ECWF got it back.

New Name

ECWF has changed the name of the Hardcore to Horror-Core.


WAR heading to the ring for the big time match
# Champions Reigns Notes
1 WAR 1 beat James Hill in a tournment to win the belt on Raw.
2 James Hill 1
ECWF named the belt was to be defended under 24/7 rules
- Romeo 15
- The Raven 5
- The Climax 20
- Will Fillberg 32
- 2 Dope 13
- Rock N' Roll God 1
- Big Randino 1
- Kenny Famous 1
- Scream 11
- Zoom 3
- Murdoc Lionhart 1
- Harry Potter 1
- Angel Lionhart 1
- Jason "Smokey" Lansing 1
- Staton 1
- 14n14's The Killer 1 This was a 14n14 invasion angle which lead the belt to be
ECWF died and the 24/7 rules was discontinued
3 Bo Bo 1 RNRG named Bo Bo the Hardcore
4 Dangerous Deanna 1 First female to win it
5 Big Randino 2
6 The Giver 1
7 JJ Adkins 1
8 The Giver & Big Randino 2 & 3 Both men pinned the guy at the same time and was named first tag team to win the belt
9 JJ Adkins 2
10 Rock N' Roll Jesus & The Mortication 1 Both guys pinned him at the same time (2nd tag team)
11 Rock N' Roll Jesus 1 Mort gave his his belt to RNRJ
12 Chris Frenzy & Mark Frenzy 1 Both guys pinned RNRJ at the same time. (3rd tag team)
13 Demon 1
14 Squirrel 1
15 2 Dope 14
Dope quit ECWF vacating the title
16 Eclipz
The belt was retired
The belt was renamed to Horror-Core Championship in 2018
17 Marco Rossi 1 Won a 10 person tournament on Revolution #122; His match was added due to a bracket no showing
18 Dick Devereaux 1 Won it in a Slaughterhouse Rules match at Devil's Night
19 Samantha Tolson-Anderson 1 Won it over in Japan for the All or Nothing 2018 PPV.
20 Eavan Maloney 1 Horror-Core Rules match at World War 4 2019
Eavan Maloney was fired from ECWF

Most Reigns

Names Reigns
Will Fillberg (24/7 rules) 32
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