This is Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation's Horror-Core Championship it is always contested under Horror-Core Rules meaning pinfalls can happen anywhere in the arena and weapons are a must. It is also fought under Intergender Rules meaning women have the right to challenge for it.

This was originally going to be the Hardcore Championship rebirth but with the new generation of talent that wouldn't remember the old Hardcore title and the uniqueness of the name it got its own place in ECWF history.

Title Reigns[]

Here list of the people who have held it.

Names Notes
Marco Rossi won a 10 person tournament
Dick Deveraux
Samantha Tolson-Anderson First female to win the belt and made the rule that all women can challenge for it in the future; won it in a Slaughterhouse rules in Japan
Eavan Maloney
fired from ECWF and was forced to vacate the title.
James Ceno won it on a televised show on Mixer Streaming Service
retired from wrestling vacating the title
Jake Frenzy won a triple threat Horror-Core Rules match in order to get it
Chris Frenzy Jake hands the belt to Chris, so he can go focus on the Trios titles.
The entire Frenzy Family quits ECWF vacating the belts they were holding
Daniel Dream won a 6-Man Elimination Horror-Core Rules match for the vacated title.
Razor Blade
TJ Alexander Matthew Frenzy
Matthew quits ECWF and vacates the title
Angellus beat Rockin' Lunatic for the vacated title
Scotty Paine

No one has won it twice yet since this belt has been made.