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This was ECWF attempt at a competition show where superstars and divas would pro rookies. It lasted five seasons. There was a grand total of 4 seasons of new guys and 1 season of returning rookies.

Season 1[]

Season 1 was very new and event feature none wrestling matches. It was something for ECWF to do. Hilarie Copeland was the first winner and she got the Million Dollar Championshuip as a reward. Also on her first night on Revolution she was asked to start a nexus type stable and she didn't want to do it.

Wrestling Name Pros Eliminated
Hilarie Copeland Alex Williams Winner
Nathaniel Nabil Lee Poison 1st eliminated
Kaylee Heart Haylee James 2nd eliminated
Jimmy Mir Killer 2nd eliminated
Chris Styles Rockin' Lunatic 3rd eliminated
Isiah Jacobs Freddy Funk 4th eliminated
Jonathan Gage Preston Carter Stark 5th eliminated
Cameron Hunter Lynn Starr eliminated herself by quitting the show
Chris DiBiase Kevin Hunter Didn't win the triple threat match in the finals
Tyson Carwin Demon Didn't win the triple threat match in the finals

Season 2[]

Season 2 was successful. Arianna Prince was the winner and she got her chance at Hilarie Copeland for the Million Dollar Championship at the next PPV.

Wrestling Name Pros Eliminated
Arianna Prince Karolina Graf Winner
Billy Flynn Mike Flynn Was in the finals
JD Helms Chris & Jake Helms
Michael Palmer Justin Flare
Ross Edwards Myles Lucas & Hannah Walters
Ryan Cook Johnny Devine
Ryan Matthews Demon
Sonja Darkflame Val Kyrie
Trey Weston Rockin' Lunatic Was in the finals

Season 3[]

Beth Payne won this one and she was just grant a chance on the main roster and got a shot at the Divas Championship

Wrestling Name Pros Eliminated
Beth Payne Mr. B & Dangerous Deanna Winner
Elektra Stone Amber Indigo Was in the finals
John Masek JJ Adkins
Juan Colon Click
Luke Simmons Mark & Christopher Frenzy
Maria Mizanin Karolina & Sophie Was in the finals
Nero Hennig Krayzie Death Recorded as only eliminated
Tyson Hart Kevin Hunter

Season 4[]

Rock N' Roll God's cousin Grungie won it with Pro Mark Ryan. What Grungie got for winning was a shot at the Television Championship.

Wrestling Name Pros Eliminated
Grungie Mark Ryan Winner
Carter Slate Adam Cage Was in the finals
David Borden Joey Sativa
Jason Farsworth Chris Page Recorded as the only elimination
Nate the Great Seth Garcia Morgan
Quinton Hughes Scorpion
SINN James E Nightwolf
Ted Anderson Llyod Bennett

Season 5: ReDemption[]

Elektra Stone was the winner and as her reward she got a chance at the Divas Championship.

Wrestling Name Pros Eliminated
Elektra Stone (Season 3) Amber Indigo Winner
Jimmy Mir (Season 1) Killer & Hannah 1st eliminated
Quinton Hughes (Season 4) Scorpion 2nd eliminated
SINN (Season 4) James E Nightwolf 3rd eliminated
Ross Edwards (Season 2) Eric Cobretti Was in the finals
Tyson Carwin (Season 1) Demon Was in the finals