StarCade is the mega PPV of the year for the federation called Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. It is usually held on the last sunday of March. Every year ECWF adds a roman numeral to the end of that. It is up to X (10) for the PPVs.

StarCade I (2003)[]

The revamp offical StarCade I banner

Matches Notes
Fat Foley Version 2.0 defeated The Bodyguard w/Richard Smalls Intercontinental Championship
Mark McConnell(c) defeated Romeo & Dan Prosser Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade II (2004)[]

StarCade II banner

Matches Notes
Murdoc Lionhart(c) vs. Crow ended in a DRAW ECWF Championship

StarCade III (2005)[]

Matches Notes
Romeo(c) defeated Triple Z World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade IV (2006)[]

Matches Notes
Steve Relic defeated 5 other guys Ladder Match for the ECWF Gold Rush Contract
Dexterity vs. Sahdow(c) ended in a DRAW World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade V: Deep Space 5 (2007)[]

Matches Notes
Papa Joe defeated K~Dawg Bull Rope match with help from ROck N' Roll God
Team EWE defeated Team ECWF This was a friendly 3v3 elimination tag. All members of Team EWE survived
Preston Carter Stark defeated TopHat, Ray LaPointe, K-Dawg, Corey Stevens, and Rockin' Lunatic Chamber of Horrors Match for the vacated Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade VI (2008)[]

Matches Notes
James Champ (Rumble Winner) defeated JJ Adkins(c) Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade VII (2009)[]

Matches Notes
Rock N' Roll Jesus defeated JJ Adkins(c) and Nicholas Malenko (Rumble Winner) Triple Threat Match for World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade VIII (2010)[]

Starcade8 zps7be0e197.jpg
Matches Notes
Rockin' Lunatc (Rumble Winner) defeated Eli Sykes, Mr. B, Scorpion, Kevin Hunter(c), and DeWayne Phillips Chamber of Horrors Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade IX (2011)[]

Matches Notes
Eric Darkthrone(c) defeated Chris Page (Rumble Winner) Retanied the Unified World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade X (2012)[]

StarCade X

Matches Notes
Beth Payne defeated Kiara Silverfang
Grungie vs. R-Dawg vs. Trenton Walker Match was thrown out by referee
Brandon Bash defeated Ray LaPointe for ECWF Million Dollar Championship & 2012 ECWF Icons
Mr. B defeated Chris Creature, Lucian Frost, Jeff Williams, Shane Billz, and SMT 6 Man Ladder Match for the 2012 ECWF Gold Rush Contract
Dangerous Danna & Lucy Williams defeated Destiny Michaels & Taylor Michaels Losers retire tag team match
Kevin Krash defeated Lee Poison(c) World Heavyweight Championship

StarCade XI (2016)[]

StarCade XI

Matches Notes
Chris Helms defeated The Puppet Master
Mr. B & Jeff Williams defeated Mark Frenzy & Christopher Frenzy 2016 Icons Tag Team Mach
Paige Matthews defeated Adam Helms Carnage Rules match for the Carnage Championship
Allison Knight defeated Nikki Walton & Destiny Hunter Divas Championship
Kyle O'Brien & Chris Hunter defeated Bill Summer & Don Summer ECWF Tag Team Championships
Rockin' Lunatic defeated Red Dragon, Alex Braun, & Devilyn Hunter 4 Man Ladder Match for the Gold Rush Contract
Kevin Hunter defeated Chris Mattews It was for both World Heavweight & Showtime titles and the Showtime was retired after the match.

StarrCade XII (2017)[]

It was at "Madison Square Garden" in New York City, New York on October 29, 2017.

StarrCade XII (12) with Eric Donovan on the poster

Matches Notes
Evan Moore defeated The Giver Nex*Gen Championship
Jake Saxton & Jack Phillips defeated Sam Steele & Mike Shaw 30 Mintue Iron Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championships
The Resurrected One, Evan Moore, and Chaotic defeated M, The Martyr, and The Offering World 6-Man Tag Team Championships
Mark Frenzy defeated Arcane, Conargo, Manik, and Charlie Sadist 6 Man Ladder for the Gold Rush Contract
Eric Donovan defeated The Resurrected One (Rumble Winner) and Daniel Keegan Triple Threat for World Heavyweight Championship

StarrCade XIII (2019)[]

Event takes place in "Madison Square Garden" in New York City, New York on March 31, 2019.

Matches Notes
Rockin' Lunatic vs. Syko 2019 Icons match; the match was thrown out due to no one showing up.
Mr. B & Jeff Williams defeated Mike Dimter & Victoria Scott and Marco Rossi & Johnny Lobo Jr. Triple Threat Tag Team match for the World Tag Team Championships
Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, & Ken Hazzard defeated Chris Helms, Jake Helms, & Adam Helms 6-Man Tag Team match for the vacated World 6-Man Tag Team Championships
Sully Sphinx vs. Charlie Feigel Horror-Core Rules match for the vacated Horror-Core Championship; the match was thrown out due to no one showing up. The belt is still vacated
April Dimter defeated Emily Helms, Alios Zollin, and Ashlynn Taylor Kage Fatal Four-Way match for the vacated Women's Championship
Kevin Hunter defeated Ricky Stanton, Trailer Park Kid, James Ceno, Ace Jones, Alexander Thrace, Eric Cobretti(quit ECWF), and Adam Gatner(fired) 8 man Ladder match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship

StarrCadeXIV (2020)[]

This took place at Madison Square Garden in New York on April 26, 2020

Matches Notes
Johnny Vegas defeated Jay Reynolds & Tzu 2020 Gold Rush Contract Ladder match
Daniel Dream, Evan Moore, Madwoman Szalinski defeated Mr. B, JeffWilliams, & Dangerous Deanna Trios Championship match
Syko & Alina Bullard defated Mike Dimter & April Dimter World Tag Team Championship match
Marco Rossi defeated Dan Anderson World Heavyweight Championship match
Heather Haze defeated Lynn Starr Women's World Championship match