ECWF World TV title

This is the ECWF's Television Championship. It was made back in 2003 during the ECWF vs. JWF invasion. Nitro a JWF Superstar was the first man to ever win it.

Old Names[]

  • World Television Championship

Different Look[]

the 2nd look for the tv title

Throughout the years the belt change looks for the superstars.

Title Reigns[]

It is Nitro when he won the title for the first time

Champions Notes
Sean James
Jeff Williams
Ray LaPointe
David Gunn
Belt vacated when David Gunn retired
Lee Poison
Johnny Legend
Allison Kerouac
Jamie Hayden
Krayzie Death
Belt was vacated when Krayzie quit
Nick Madison
Mark Frenzy
Red Dragon ECWF closed down as Red still had the title