Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation[]

Home Base: West Hollywood, CA Year Opened: 2002 Founder(s): Rock N' Roll God & Kris Kage Program Schedule: 1 show (mid-Friday) & 1 ppv (end of the month) Twitter: @ECWF4life

Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation (ECWF) a fantasy wrestling company that was started in 2002 when Rock N' Roll God (back then known as Owner Ace) opens a EWF company and Kristopher Kage (back then known as Owner Scott) opened a XWF company. The two meet up at a convention and combine to form ECWF.

Shortly After the first ever show called Monday Night Nitro, Owner Scott lead a group of guys to reopen the XWF company by powerbombing Owner Ace through the announcer's table.

The Roster[]

See List of ECWF Personnel

The Champions[]


World Heavyweight Champion Damon Cross
Nex*Gen Champion Daniel Dream
World Tag Team Champions Team Resurrected (Daniel Dream & Poseidon)
Horror-Core Champion Matthew Frenzy
Women's World Champion Crystal Zdunich
Trios Champions Team Epic (Mark Frenzy, Christopher Frenzy, & Fredrick Whitmer)

Past Championships

Triple Crown Winners

The Shows[]


ECWF bi-weekly show is Friday Night Revolution. It is currently going to be the main show and have theme (aka PPVs) til ECWF is financially set to have separate PPVs.

Past Shows



Names Months
StarrCade March
Wrestlefest August
All or Nothing November
World War 4 January

Minor Pay-Per-Views[]

The Great American Rush
High Stakes
Scars & Stripes w/EHWF
Devil's Night
October Fest
Last Day Alive
Rain of Blood
Chamber of Horrors
Extreme Summer Wars
Clash of the Champions
Al Halo's Eve
Extreme Christmas Wish
Summer Beatings
May's Bloody Massacre
Fatal Four-Way
Blood Bath w/AHW
Deadly Games
Ladies Night
Extreme King of the Ring
Souled Out
Summer Times Blues
Damage Control
Night of Champions
Royal Flush

The Staff[]

See also List of ECWF personnel

Hall of Fame[]

See also ECWF Hall of Fame


These are annual events ECWF.

Name of Event Match Rules
WarTime Rumble 30 Man or 15 Female over the top rope elimination battle royal
Extreme King of the Ring Tournament 8 person special rules tournament
Gold Rush Contract 6 person match where the winner gets a pick a night World title match.
The X-Factor Event 6 person Ultimate X Match where winner captian a AONW team
All or Nothing War 5 v 5 elimination tag team match
Miss ECWF Contest A judging contest for females
Tag Team Tournament from Hell 8 team special rules tournament
Extreme Christmas Wish A poll that the owner grants 1 wish from the winner
Damage Control Championship Match 6 champion tag team match where the person who loses loses their championship
Chamber of Horrors 6 person match in a cage dome. 2 guys starts while 4 people are in pods. Every 2 minute someone randomly enters.
ECWF Icons Match ECWF Legends battle each other to earn a higher honor.
War Games Match A side-by-side ring wrapped in a steel cage. 4v4 team and match ends with all 8 people in ring and pinfall/Submission is made.