This is ECWF's Tros Championships. This belt is for a 3 person Team. Any combo of 3 males, 2 males & 1 female, 1 male & 2 females, and 3 females an challenge for them.

Previous Name[]

ECWF first brought the belt in it was called World 6-Man Tag Team Championships. But at StarrCade XIII renamed them to Trios Championships because the word man in the title kinda restricted it for women.

World6ManTagTeam3 zpsabg175or.jpg

Title Reigns[]

Names Notes
Team Resurrected (The Resurrected One, Evan Moore, & Choatic) defeated M, The Martyr, & The Offering at StarrCade XII
The Savage Kingdom (Daniel Keegan, Samuel Steele, & Michael Shaw) defeated Team Resurrected at Rain of Blood
Team Dragon Suplex (Eric Donavan, Lyra LeVeux-Donavan, & Samantha Tolson-Andersson) defeated Daniel Keegan, Samuel Steele, and Mike Shaw & The Resurrected One, 3P, and Evan Moore in a War Games Tag match at Extreme Summer Wars
The Truimvirate (Enforcer, Vin Halsted, & Charlie Feigel) defeated Team Dragon Suplex at Extreme Christmas Wish
The trio quit ECWF vacating the titles after #Rev137
The Age of Fall (Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, & Ken Hazzard defeated The Helms Club at StarrCade XIII
The Dogs of War (Will Frenzy, Matt Frenzy, & "Big" Jake Frenzy) defeated The Age of Fall in a ladder match at Devil's Night 2019
The guys quit ECWF vacating the titles.
Team Resurrected (Daniel Dream, Evan Moore, Madwoman Szalinski, & Poseidon) Defeated The Dark Society (Mr. B, Jeff WIlliams, & Dangerous Deanna) for the vacated titles at StarrCade XIV
DarkFireStarr (Marco Rossi, Dark Tiger, & Lynn Starr) Won the belts at Extreme Christmas Wish 2020
The Age of Fall (Jay Reynolds, Ken Hazzard, & Siegfried)
Team Epic (Mark Frenzy, Christopher Frenzy, & Fredrick Whitmer) won at StarrCade XV
Team Epic quit ECWF vacating the titles.
The Kingdom (Mike Dimter, Alex Thomas, & Rose D'Angelo) beat The Age of Fall for the vacated titles
The Age of Fall (Mona Storm, Kevin Holland, & Mason Everett)