ECWF World Heavyweight Championship is the major championship from the federation Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. ECWF has been using the classic NWA World Heavyweight title image for belt since 2002.

The classic ECWF World Heavyweight Championship

First Ever Match[]

The setup for the match ECWF friend named WAR (later won the Hardcore title) versus ECWF Grandfather Papa Joe verses ECWF up and comer The Bolt inside of a Steel Cage. The Bolt was the one to get over the top of the cage and hit the floor for the win.

Belt merge with different feds[]

ECWF World Heavyweight Championship has been merged with IBW World and ECWF titles to form the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship . "ECWF Grandfather" Papa Joe defended the belt proudly as he ushered in the Pepsi-Holics. Then his protige Preston Carter Stark kept the belt on high terms with great matches and long reigns. Adam Cage is another guy that made the belt proud until it was ended.

Also it was merged and with AHW World Heavyweight Championship (later renamed to AHW Championship) to become the Unified World Heavyweight Championship which Eric Darkthrone held the longest before it was retired. So the belt has been merged twice and still broughten back to be the main title that ECWF has to offer.

Current Look[]

The 2016 and 2017 era World Title

This was the belt used for the last two years during the off and on period.

ECWF World Heavyweight Championship has change several times throughout the 10 plus years it as been going.

Custom Championships[]

ECWF Stars have made their own custom title. 

2 Dope's World Heavyweight title

2 Dope has slapped Juggalo on his and made it a spinner.

Chance Davis's World Heavyweight Championship

Chance Davis made it resemble the classic Intercontinental title.

Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship[]

World Heavyweight Championship, ECWF Heavyweight Championship and IBW World Heavyweight Championship merged to make the short lived Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

The first Undisputed Championship.

The 2nd Undisputed Championship.

Unified World Heavyweight Championship[]

The World Heavyweight Championship and AHW Championship merged to make the Unified World Heavyweight Championship.

The Unified World Championship.


The Bolt holding the World title when he won it

Champions Notes
The Bolt beat WAR & Papa Joe in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match at InVasion.
Mr. FlyTime Monday Night RAW
Kenny Famous
Jemma Taylor She was under a mask and had to take it off
Ring Master
Dan Prosser
Ring Master
Ring Master quit while being champion and while under suspension
Reck Angle quits ECWF along with a handful of other talent
Mark McConnell RNRG appointed him champion before StarCade I
Fat Foley Verison 3.0
James Hill
James quit ECWF once he was named the first Triple Crown Winner
Zoom Declared himself the champion
Danny LeFave
Murdoc Lionhart
ECWF died down
Shadow RNRG appointed him champion
Wayne Saliba
Damien Gray
Bill Ryder Merged with ECWF & IBW World titles to form Undisputed World title
Jason Styles
Adam Helms
The belt was vacated when Helms Dynesty quit ECWF.
Preston Carter Stark Won it at StarCade V in a Chamber of Horrors match
Ray LaPointe
Shane Billz
Zach Robinson
JJ Adkins
James Champ
Papa Joe
Papa Joe retired while champion. So the name was retired and went back just the World Heavyweight Championship
Rockin' Lunatic GM K-OZ appointed him World Champion for the No Limit brand
David Gunn
Mark Frenzy
Seth Garcia Morgan Cashed in his Gold Rush Contract and won
Steve Relic
JJ Adkins
Rock N' Roll Jesus
Corey Stevens
Lee Poison
Triple X
2 Dope
Mr. B
Kevin Hunter
Rockin' Lunatic Won at StarCade X in a Chamber of Horrors Match
Freddy Funk
Rockin' Lunatic
Rockin quit as champion
Kevin Hunter
Adam Cage
Eric Darkthrone Merged with the AHW World title to make Unified World title
Mr. B
Eric Darkthrone
Eric Cobretti
Raven Trueblood
Rock N' Roll Jesus
Demon retires and the belt becomes vacated and goes back to being called the World Heavyweight Championship. Since Extreme Inc! went back to ECWF.
Eric Darkthrone Won it at Last Day Alive PPV in a Chamber of Horrors Match
Eric quit as champion
Kevin Krash
Lee Poison
Kevin Krash
ECWF closed down
Brandon Bash
Chance Davis
Tyler Gates
It was reveald that Tyler was taking the belt over to EHWF and the belt was vacated
David Man
Rockin' Lunatic
Johnny Bellion
ECWF closed down
Scotty Paine won a 6 man Chamber of Horrors match at Fallout 2015
Kevin Hunter
Mazzio vacates the title when he quits ECWF
Eric Donavan won a 8 person tournament over 3 Friday Night Revolution shows.
Peter Preston Petrangelo won at Destiny 2018
Chris Matthews First Blood match at Rain of Blood 2018
Erik Holland High Stakes 2018
Kevin Hunter Defeated Chris Matthews & Erik Holland at Extreme Summer Wars 2018
Eric Donavan defeated Kevin Hunter at Anarchy
Eric Donavan quit ECWF
Kevin Hunter defeated 5 other men in a ladder match at StarrCade XIII.
Was attacked as was forced to vacate the title.
Daniel Dream defeated Mark Fenzy in a lumberjack match for the vacated belt
Marco Rossi
Mike Dimter
Johnny Vegas 2nd man to win using his Gold Rush Contract
Dan Anderson
Damon Cross