ECWF World War 4

Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation
Rock N' Roll God

Usual Date of Event Januray
M.ega Event at PPV Wartime Rumble
Purpose of Event Setup StarCade's Challenger

Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation (owned by Rock N' Roll God) has a Pay-Per-View (PPV) called World War 4. It is a direct spin off of World Championship Wrestling (WCW)'s World War 3 PPV. Only thing few things seperate it. 

  1. ECWF doesn't have a side-by-side ring.
  1. ECWF mega event is more like the royal rumble than WCW's World War


ECWF got the mega event from a fallen federation called JWO. They offer 60 interfed battle royal. ECWF bought the rights to it and cut the entry in half. Which came to find out was exactly what JWO did before. So when they bought it out from another fed it was at 120 entries. Anyways ECWF been running the event strong and interfed since 2003.


Rock N' Roll God was getting his ECWF fed up and running with new comer Reck-Angle dominating the remaining 2002 year. So Rock N' Roll God got on the phone with JWF (Just Wrestling Federation) Owner Papa Joe. He said that he needed guys from JWF to come in. Papa Joe loved the idea and that is how it started.

Matches Notes
Mark McConnell (JWF Star) won the first ever Wartime Rumble He entered number 30 & got 5 eliminations


Setup for the event was simple ECWF was to yet again ask handful of people. But that year wasn't as great. ECWF could only get 16 men to be apart of the Rumble. So then ECWF held the event anyways.

Matches Notes
Crow (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered at number 15 & got 3 eliminations


ECWF just came back from a brief hiatus. Setup for the PPV: ECWF had at least 15 guys and then out of the 15 more guys showed up to the event. A redneck queer hater was making promos that shocked the world, a hillbilly was on top of his mountain telling the world that he was the next winner, and then ECWF Star Kid Extreme was showing the world what he can do.

Matches Notes
Kid Extreme (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 30 & got 4 eliminations


Setup for PPV: ECWF put in a full year and had plenty of stars.War Machine started making a impact and name for himself as the best and powerful star. Stanton was Crown a first ever International Champion and would later take the Global Heavyweight Championship from Jason Styles. So Staton was on top of his game. The two never had a match and ECWF hyped the idea of these two finally meeting in the rumble.

Matches Notes
War Machine (ECWF Star) & Stanton (ECWF Star) Co-Won the Wartime Rumble. War Machine entered 30 & got 1 elimination; Stanton entered 25 and got 5 eliminations.

This outcome was similar to the 94' Bret & Lex Royal Rumble. They officals could not decide who clearly went out first and Rock N' Roll God made the decision that both men would win and then challenge for the title.


Setup for the PPV: ECWF had put in another great year. So when it came to World War 4 no surprise that they had enough of their own men and still had 10 guys from the other federations to join in. Insanity Championship Wretling (ICW) owned by Chris Chambers would give 7 of their own men to be in it.

Matches Notes
JJ Adkins (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 1 and got 13 eliminations. (Record making eliminations)


Setup for PPV: ECWF bought out a failing VWF (Velocity Wrestling Federation), owned by Brandon Rivera. Made it a third brand compared to it's two other brands of No Limit & Destruction. So ECWF didn't really need to ask other federations to join in. It did anyways and the Wartime Rumble was going to be a good one.

Matches Notes
Lucy Williams(c) defeated Dangerous Deanna, Ashley Lunatic, Angel Heart, Angel Leigh, Dope Girl, Princess, Sprit Fire, & Lynn Starr Over top Rope Elimination to retian the Divas Championship
Rockin' Lunatic(c) defeated Johnny Shocker Extreme Rules Match for Extreme Championship
Jeff Jefferson defeated Psycho, Street Fighter, El Super Mask Fatal Four-Way Jeff pinned ESM
Team KMK(c)  (XXX & Squirrel) defeated Mayhem & Mini Mayhem World Tag Team Championship
XXX(c) defeated Eric James Canadian Championship
David Gunn & Kyle Cage defeated The Dark Society(c) (Mr. B & Jeff Williams) and Tyler Tomko & Tyson Tomko Triple Threat for ECWF Tag Team Championship
Billy Grimm defeated Mr. B(c), Don Helmsley, and Riflewilly Fatal Four-Way for Intercontinental Championship
Colby G vs. Bodzilla vs. Axel Vengeance DRAW for the vacated VWF World Heavyweight Championship (belt stay vacated)
James Champ (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 2 and got 10 eliminations
Adam Cage(c) defeated Raphael Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship


Setup for PPV: ECWF had since dropped it's VWF brand and now using Rush Downing's Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) brand and switched out No Limit & Destruction for Download & Revolution. Which Revolution is a show that they used to this very day. So with having tons of stars and still asking ECWF threw it annual World War 4 PPV.

Matches Notes
Lucy Williams & Dangerous Deanna defeated Grave Master & The Phantom and Jessica Ortega & Maria Vos Triple Threat Intergender Tag Team Match
Nikki B defeated Jade Rockwood, Natalie Shay, and Harley Quinn Fatal Four-Way
Jon King won a 12 man Battle Royal Winner got the number 15 spot in the rumble
Team KMK (XXX & Squirrel) defeated The Dark Society (Mr. B & Jeff Williams) and Genesis (Mike Dimter & Mike Blade) FCW World Tag Team Championship  & Global Tag Team Championship Merger
Demon defeated Lee Poison and Jack Krome(c) Hardcore Championship
Ken Raines defeated Rockin' Lunatic(c) FCW X-Division Championship
MT Dew defeated Ryan Havok(c) FCW Traditional Championship
Brooke Michelle(c) defeated Shauvon, Starlight Laveaux, Hannah Walters Fatal Four-Way for Divas Championship
J-Dogg defeated Chris Cage(c) Showtime Championship
"Sideshow Freak" Nicholas Malenko (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 7 and got 8 eliminations; he is the shortest employeed wrestler in ECWF to win 
Lee Poison defeated Mike Shockly World Heavyweight Championship


Setup for PPV: ECWF dropped FCW in late 2009. It keep on going with a single show. ECWF threw a all female PPV and it was a huge success. So then it decided to throw it's usual World War 4 ppv.

Matches Notes
Christina Egima vs. Rhianna vs. Kat Rinker vs. Jenna Nykole Fatal Four-Wat Match but ended in a DRAW
Lucy Williams defeated Rosa Davis and Emma Bolt Triple Threat Match
WMD (Rick Long & Brian Jones) defeated The Dominant Five(c) (Natalie Shay & Hannah Walters) Global Tag Team Championship
Haylee Bullard defeated Dangerous Deanna(c) Knock-Outs Championship
Lee Poison defeated Jacob Bash Television Championship
Jeff Williams defeated Lee Poison King of Wrestling Championship
Rockin' Lunatic (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 27 and got 3 eliminations; He is the longest employeed wrestler to be in ECWF to win
Mr. B(c) defeated Brandon Bash World Heavyweight Championship


Setup for the PPV: ECWF had a great year. The build up for the PPV was Chris Page coming in late November and being a dominate monster. It also started its NXT program of producing the next talent in ECWF. Also a 2nd show called Destruction was setup to Revolution. ECWF also purchased AHW and was merging the companies.

Matches Notes
The Dark Army (Genocide & NATAS) defeated The Latino Revoution(c) (Javier Santiago & Vestido) and Cameron & Tyler Michaels Intergender Triple Threat Tag Tam Match for the AHW World Tag Team Championship
The Dark Girls (Lucy Williams & Dangerous Deanna) defeated Joey Cranston & Enforcer(c) Global Tag Team Championship
Scotty Paine defeated Click(c) Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match for AHW United States Hardcore Championship
Synful Diamond Steele defeated Karolina Graf(c) AHW Divas Championship
Samantha Brooks defeated Amber Indigo Million Dollar Championship & Knock-Outs Championship Merger; Million Dollar retired
Scotty Paine defeated Jake Orton(c) Last Man Standing Match for AHW World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Page (ECWF Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 12 and got 10 eliminations
Adam Cage defeated Demon(c) World Heavyweight Championship


Setup for PPV: ECWF was on a roll with it's now 9th annual World War 4 PPV and Wartime Rumble. So it offered a 15 Diva Wartime Rumble with the winner getting a chance for the Divas Championship at StarCade. ECWF stopped making NXT programs after 5th season. Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) gave 5 men and 5 divas to each event. Destiny Hunter-Michaels wished to be a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship and so did Mr. B so that was the main event.

Matches Notes
Morgan Alvertez (ICW Diva) won the first ever (female) Wartime Rumble She entered number 15 and got 7 eliminations
Lucy Williams defeated Destiny Hunter-Michaels(c) Womens Championship
Brandon Bash defeated John Crookshanks(c) Million Dollar Championship
Jason Phoenix (ICW Star) won the Wartime Rumble He entered number 24 and got 9 eliminations
Eric Darkthrone(c) defeated Mr. B and Destiny Hunter-Michaels Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship


ECWF is hosting the event in Dublin, Ireland at the Coke Park Stadium on January 27, 2019 at 8pm their time. The setup is that ECWF is hosting it's 14th annual event with 30 men rumble and now it's 2nd with 20 women rumble. Twitter has made a feud between non-ECWF Star Snakebite & new ECWF Star Joseph Hunter is set to do battle. In the men's rumble if #29 entry The Resurrected One wins it. He'll be the very first man to do it twice, do it back-to-back events, and enter from the same entry to win it. So it will be a history maker fotcher him and us.

Matches Notes
Joseph Hunter defeated Snakebite Twitter Grudge match
Ricky Stanton defeated Marco Rossi(c) Nex*Gen Championship match
Mr. B & Jeff Williams(c) defeated Mike Dimter & Victoria Scott World Tag Team Championship match
Eavan Maloney defeated Samantha Tolson-Andersion(c) Horror-Core Rules match for the Horror-Core Championship
Amy Jo Smyth won the 2019 {female} WarTime Rumble 19 other females apart of the event
Trenton Mitchell won the 2019 (male) WarTime Rumble 29 other males were apart the event


ECWF held the event at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The World Heavyweight title was not on the line as the champion fought The UnKnown Fear in a faction vs faction 8 man tag.

Matches Notes
Claire Hawkins defeated The UnKnown Fear Female Women's World Championship match
The UnKnown Fear defeated Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, Ken Hazzard, & Siegfried 8-Man Tag Team match
Crystal Zdunich won the 2021 (female) WarTime Rumble 19 other females were apart of it
Damon Cross won the 2021 (male) WarTime Rumble 29 other males were apart of it.