See what Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Hollywood, California. ECWF personnel consists of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, ring announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, producers, script writers and various other positions. Executives and board members are also listed.

ECWF contracts typically range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals. ECWF describes most personnel as "independent contractors". Personnel on the main roster appear on Revolution, on pay-per-views and at live events.

Main roster[]


Names Notes
Christopher Frenzy Hall of Famer; Trios Champion
Damon Cross 2021 (male) WarTime Rumble Winner; World Heavyweight Champion
Dan Anderson
Daniel Dream Hall of Famer; ECWF CEO; World Tag Team Champion; Nex*Gen Champion
Dark Tiger
Dominic Dimter
Evan Moore Hall of Famer
Evan Rush
Fredrick Whitmer Hall of Famer; Trios Champion
Jay Reynolds
Ken Hazzard
Kris Dimter
Marco Rossi
Mark Frenzy Hall of Famer; Trios Champion
Matthew Frenzy
Matt Dimter
Mike Dimter
Razor Blade
Rockin' Lunatic Hall of Famer
Ryan Kruger
Siegfried Trios Champion
Syko Hall of Famer
TJ Alexander Horror-Core Champion; 2021 male Gold Rush Contract winner
William Frenzy


Names Notes
April Dimter
Claire Hawkins Women's World Champion
Crystal Zdunich 2021 female WarTime Rumble winner
Isabel Rios
Kiara Kross
Lotoya Hixx Also Manages Razor Blade
Lynn Starr Hall of Famer; Also Manages of Dark Tiger;
Maria Salvatore
Megan Frenzy 2021 female Gold Rush Contract winner


Wrestling Name Managing/Bodyguarding Notes
Alice Walker Seigfried
Aston Rossi Marco Rossi
Crystal Marie Christopher Frenzy
Dana Reynolds Matthew Frenzy
Gage Atlas Dan Anderson
Katherine Whitmer Fredrick Whitmer
Lee Matthews Daniel Dream
Maleek Raheem Maria Salvatore
Marie Frenzy William Frenzy
Simon Sparx The Greatness

Stables/Tag Teams[]

Team Name Members Notes
The Age of Fall "The Future" Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, Ken Hazzard, & Seigfried w/Gage Atlas & Alice Walker Trios Champions
DarkFireStarr Marco Rossi & Dark Tiger w/Ashton Rossi, & Lynn Starr
The Greatness Mark Frenzy, Christopher Frenzy, Fredrick Whitmer, Matthew Frenzy, & Megan Frenzy
The Kingdom Mike Dimter, April Dimter, Dominic Dimter, Kris Dimter, & Matt Dimter
Team Resurrected Daniel Dream, Evan Moore, & Poseidon w/Lee Matthews World Tag Team Champions
The Purge Top Male Competitor, Mid-Card Competitor, Women's Competitor, Tag Team Competitor, & Tag Team Competitor

Un-Signed Talent[]

Name Note
Eric Cobretti Hall of Famer
Kevin Hunter Hall of Famer


Other on-air personnel[]

Aceward Indigo being interviewed for a magazine in 2013

Name Job
Dr. Alan Williams MD Head Doctor for all ECWF Stars
Kris Kage Hall of Famer; Vice President
Rock N' Roll God Hall of Famer; President

Broadcast team[]

Matt Weiser and Demon at their announcer's table

Name Job
Demon Hall of Famer; Color Commentator
JC Replacement Color Commentator
Matt Weiser Play-by-Play Commentator

Ring Announcer[]

Name Notes
Julia Mexican

PPV Analysis[]

Name Notes
Keaton "Keelo" Whitmer
Randy Rains
Shane Stafford The host of the PPV preshow panel

Backstage Interviewers[]

Bill Jean, the male wrestlers interviewer

Wrestling Name Job
Bill Jean Mainly Male Interviewer
Crystal Miller Mainly Female Interviewer


Bill and Don Summer in the ring

Names Notes
Bill Summer
Don Summer


Shawn Charleson the head referee

Wrestling Name Job
Julie McNally Female matches only
Mark Jenkins
Nick Pack
Robert Charleson
Salty McGee
Shawn Charleson Main Event Referee